George Calombaris To Host Masterchef Book Cooking Challenge

Contestants on the next series of Masterchef will be given one hour to produce the most creative way to underpay their staff in a new challenge to be overseen by celebrity chef George Calombaris.

“Our chefs will be given only a copy of the Fair Work Act and an overtime roster as ingredients and have to whip up the dodgiest way to diddle their staff out of what’s owed to them,” said Masterchef producer Rosemary Plating. “The dish will then be fed to three judges from the Fair Work Ombudsman and if they don’t smell anything fishy the meal will be considered a success.”

“My next cook book will be devoted to the best way to cook books,” revealed Calombaris. “It’ll include my secret recipe on how to saute weekend penalty rates and my signature surprise double shift casserole.”

Prospective chefs will be expected to pay little or no attention to detail.

“You’d hardly expect a guy whose raison d’etre is precise mixing of ingredients down to the milligram to apply those same standards to his accounting,” said contestant Julianne Crockpot. “I hope George will be impressed by base wages soup topped with a crumbled payroll classification.”

Peter Green

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