Gladys Berejiklian To Privatise Martin Place Tent City

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian will today put legislation through New South Wales Parliament that will enable her to privatise the homeless people’s tent city that has sprung up in Martin Place.

“My job is to provide the best possible outcomes to the people of New South Wales and what could be better than selling off the tent city. We have seen in the past how great privatisation is to the State. I mean look at how well selling off the poles and lines of the electricity grid has worked, electricity profits have never been higher,” claimed the Premier.

When asked where the inspiration for privatising the tent city came from the Premier replied: “I was looking down at the tents from my office on high when I saw the occupants getting coffee and doing Yoga and I thought hang on if they can afford that then they can afford to pay rates and land tax.”

“Then I thought if we have that many people living in such a small place they need facilities like an RSL or a casino. I mean these tent people are spending their time reading and socialising when they should be gambling.”

The Premier has announced a taskforce consisting of Alan Jones, Ray Hadley and Jamie Packer to draft up potential plans for Martin Place.

Mark Williamson

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    Why do these people have to set up tents in the inner city when they have great facilities already waiting for them on Manus Island?


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