“No Guarantee Next Week Will Be Any Better” Say World’s Men

After a week of less then exemplary behaviour the world’s Men have admitted that they are unlikely to change for the better in the foreseeable future.

“This hasn’t been one of our better weeks,” confessed the world’s Men in reference to the revelations of predatory sexual behaviour from Harvey Weinstein, the planting of a bomb in Somalia that slaughtered hundreds, uncountable episodes of domestic violence not considered newsworthy enough to disturb the surface of the pond, and that time they came home from a night out reeking of booze. “We’re all feeling a little grumpy because there’s bugger all sport on at the moment and we haven’t adjusted to the start of daylight savings yet so expect more of the same from now until the end of the universe.”

“I don’t know who the genius was who choose Woody Allen as our spokesperson but we’d like to buy that bloke a beer for his sheer audacity,” said the world’s Men admiringly. “Anyway, what’s going to happen is that the sort of prick who has an opinion on everything will throw his two cents worth into the public conversation, some of us are going to arc up defensively a bit, a few self righteous types are going to urge us all to lift our game and the rest of us might have a go at shutting our necks and listening and seeing if there’s anything we can learn. Fingers crossed.”

Any plans the world’s Men had to improve their image have been put on hold after news came through that Julian Assange was just about to open his mouth and express an opinion on something.

Peter Green

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