One Nation Demands ABC Reveal What Colour Underwear Their Stars Wear

One Nation has demanded that the Turnbull Government take action to make the National broadcaster the ABC be more transparent and reveal what colour underwear their stars in particular their newsreaders wear whilst on-air.

“The Australian people have a right to know what colour undies these biased ABC presenters are wearing,” said Senator Hanson. “I mean what do they have to hide?”

“Knowing these inner city lefties they’re probably wearing red underwear or worse rainbow coloured underwear.”

Backing Senator Hanson’s calls for ABC transparency One Nation Senator (for now) Malcolm Roberts also spoke out, saying: “The 77 people who voted for me last election demand action, how dare these ABC types appear on air without revealing what colour or indeed type of underwear they are wearing.”

“It’s an affront to our nation that these people appear on-air in who knows what type of under-wear. They could be wearing  G-strings, or Y-fronts or even boxer shorts and don’t get me started on the various types of colours or patterns they could be wearing. The mind boggles.”

Mark Williamson

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