Eric Abetz Enjoys Gaytime In Streets Support

Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz has called on his fellow Australians to go out and have a Gaytime in support of Streets in their ongoing industrial dispute with their workers.

“I implore the people of Australia to wrap their tongues around a Gaytime this summer,” said Senator Abetz. “And they can do so in the knowledge that every bite is helping keep a worker in an underpaid job.”

“However, not all Streets ice creams should be consumed with gay abandon. People should be wary of the Bubble-O-Bill Shorten. I hear they were recalled as there was a chance that the ice cream contained knives.”

When asked what else people could do to support Streets Senator Abetz replied: “Well besides consuming many, many ice creams maybe people could take to the social media and start a campaign like #PutOutAGayTime. Or share photos of themselves slurping down a Calippo.”

“I walked in the other day on my good friend Kevin Andrews and what a talented chap he is he can fit a whole Calippo down his throat.”

Mark Williamson

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