Pauline Hanson Promises To Open The World’s Largest Ego Mine In QLD

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has hit the campaign trail in Queensland with a promise to all Queenslanders to open the world’s largest ‘Ego’ mine in the State should they vote for her party.

“This State is crying out for more mines and why not a mine that encourages the ego,” Said the Senator. “For too long this State hasn’t celebrated or encouraged some of their great members of Parliament, like Mal Colston, Sir Joh or Malcolm Roberts.”

“At the last election Malcolm Roberts received 77 votes and that was when he was ineligible. Imagine how many votes he will get this election now that he’s eligible. He might even crack triple figures.”

When asked for comment current Queensland Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk said: “We are committed to filling Queensland up with new mines. Mines are a great source of revenue both from mining and tourism.”

“A lot of people want to travel to Queensland to see the Adani coal mine, they say it’s like seeing a dinosaur in the wild.”

Mark Williamson

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