Barnaby Joyce Embraces His New Zealand Heritage By Ditching His Job And Moving To Bondi

Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce fresh off discovering his New Zealand citizenship has embraced his culture by ditching his job and relocating from New England to Bondi.

“Oh yeah bro, Bondi is choice eh,” Said Barnaby. “For too long I was cooped up in Canberra expected to do this and not drink that. When all I wanted to do was kick the footy round with the boys and get on the piss.”

When asked how we planned to contest the upcoming by-election in his seat of New England whilst living in Bondi Mr Joyce replied: “You and your bloody questions chill out cus, it’s all good. I mean who are they going to vote for now old mate Tony Windsor isn’t going to run.”

“Besides my good mate Gina has kicked in a tonne of cash so I’ll get the win and be back in parliament next year. Till then crank up the Dave Dobbin and pass me a tinnie.”

Mark Williamson

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