Melbourne Cup To Be Run In Two Stages To Allow More Gambling Ads In The Broadcast

Organisers of this year’s Melbourne Cup have accepted a request by online gambling companies to run the race in two stages to allow more gambling advertisements to be screened during the broadcast.

“Good to see a bit of common sense shine through with the race split in two,” said Ian Betmore from gambling company Bet, Bet, Bet You Softcock. “I mean people need to be reminded to gamble, sure the Melbourne Cup is a big race but there are other races on after it.

“Now are we going to continue this interview,? If so I will need you to place a bet or five.”

A spokesperson for Channel 7, which broadcasts the Cup, said: “It makes complete and total sense that during a five minute broadcast for a horse race that we stop for an advertisement or two.

“People these days don’t have the attention span that they used to and need to be reminded to gamble or watch Home and Away every two to three minutes.”

Mark Williamson

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