Rosa Parks Sent To Back Of Battler Bus

Civil rights activist Rosa Parks was arrested in Queensland yesterday after she refused to move to the rear section of Pauline Hanson’s Battler Bus when asked by the driver.

“Pauline is eager to take as many battlers for a ride as possible but you’ve got to understand that some battlers are considered more battlery than others,” said bus driver Stan Butler. “Pauline puts less store on people who’ve battled against discrimination, and lots more store on people like herself who’ve had to battle logic, their own conscience and sunshine.”

One battler who was given a seat up front of the bus was Pauline’s publicity agent, who is currently battling unemployment after choosing to launch the Battler Bus on the same day that the rest of Australia was preoccupied with the Melbourne Cup, the dual citizenship crisis, another mass shooting in America, The Paradise Papers and the fate of 600 battlers on Manus Island (Editor’s note: No they’re not on that last one).

“The biggest battle we have here is Pauline’s battle to stay in the news,” said Battler Bus safety inspector Cyril Blake. “I suggested we buy a reticulated bus and call it the Battleaxe Bus but people have already started calling that already once they saw Pauline’s head painted on the side of it.”

Peter Green

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