Abbott: ‘Islam Contradicts Australian Values On Gay Marriage’

Abbott Poster

Member for Warringah, Tony Abbott has sent a stinging rebuke to Islam at a press conference held today, in the wake of the results of the postal survey on same-sex marriage.

“Australia is a country of tolerance and acceptance,” Mr Abbott said, “and despite the best efforts of campaigners like myself, it has expressed its support for the homosexual agenda.

“As such, a religion like Islam, which values homophobia, has no place in a country that so overwhelmingly rejected the campaigning of people like myself.”

The current backbencher touted how religions like Islam were stuck in the past.

“Sure, if you look into Australia’s deep history, say a couple of days ago, people back then were less progressive on gay marriage. But Australia has evolved and I can say that as a fact, because I fought so hard to prevent it from happening.

“Religions like Christianity reflect Australian values. Religious representatives like Dr Paul Collins, Pastor Simon Holt, and Father Rod Bower are often unafraid to criticise the many homophobic positions I have argued in the media.

“Modern Australia is a pro-gay Australia, and as such, Australia must reject the corrupting and homophobic influence of Islam as surely as they rejected my calls to keep the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.”

Islam did not immediately return The (un)Australian’s requests for comment.

Richard Woodhouse

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