Yes Vote Disqualified For Dual Citizenship

Yes has been ruled ineligible to win the SSM postal vote after admitting that it is a citizen of several other languages.

“Yes has not taken any steps to denounce its citizenship of the French language where it is known as “oui” or Spanish where it is called “si”. We also found that it is entitled to British citizenship as a result of its descent from the old English word “gese” on its grandfather’s side”, ruled High Court judge Jess Bench. “No is also ineligible due to it being a German citizen called “nein” and therefore the whole ballot will have to be run again using words with Australian citizenship only.”

“We will be proposing “fuckin’ay” as the replacement for Yes and “ya got buckleys” as the replacement for No,” said ABS representative Jim Sigma. “We’ve also considered using “good onya (non-sarcastic)” for Yes and “good onya (extremely sarcastic)” for No.”

There has been a bipartisan call for all words in the Macquarie Dictionary to have to produce their etymological credentials before the publication of the next edition.

Peter Green

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