Abbott claims SSM Is A New Zealand Dual citizen

On the eve of the announcement of the results of Australia’s Sam Sex Marriage plebiscite, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott stated that the concept of marriage equality should be thrown out of politics, as it is a New Zealand based, dual citizen.

With so many MPs copping the boot from parliament on account of dual citizenship, many from his own party, Abbott feels SSM does not belong in Australian legislation.

“Well the idea is about Australian as Barnaby Joyce… in that it’s not very fashionable, and doesn’t belong in the Australian political system”, stated Abbott.

New Zealand passed marriage equality laws in 2012, and the Liberal backbencher is concerned about the impact of adopting this Kiwi notion.

“I mean, have you seen the way even their rugby team carries on? Dancing and prancing before each match. We can’t have our beloved Wallabies doing the same thing.”

The results of the plebiscite will be announced Wednesday morning, 10:00am AEST.

GK Kidd

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