Bernardi Angrily Rips Down The Savage Garden Poster On His Bedroom Wall

Senator and aspiring DJ Cory Bernardi has angrily ripped down the Savage Garden poster that he had hanging above his bed. The move follows the band’s lead singer Darren Hayes condemning the Senator for using his music.

“He was so angry when Darren tweeted him that he ran straight up to his bedroom and ripped down the poster, ” said the Senator’s wife. “Then he spent the rest of the night replacing all of the Savage Garden songs on his mixtapes with songs by Alanis Morrisette.”

“Cory loves nothing more than making a mixtape. He’s good at it too, his Pet Shop Boys/Village People tape is very romantic.”

When reached for comment Senator Bernardi said (from behind his locked bedroom door): “Go away I’m not talking to you or anyone. Besides I never liked Savage Garden, they suck. So does Barnesy and Powderfinger and the Hilltop Hoods!”

“Now leave me alone I’m listening to the Venga Boys. I bet they’d come to my Australia day party.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. 1 litre will be fine. Thank you. Lis.


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