Abbott Tips Sir Prince Philip To Be Named As Australian Of The Year

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has tipped Sir Prince Philip to be named as Australian of the year when the honour is announced later in the week on Australia day eve.

“I think there is no better nominee than Sir Prince Philip he has done so much for this country and it’s time that we as a nation gave something back,” said Mr Abbott. “I also believe the public will really get behind Sir Prince Philip as Australian of the year as the Royal family is very popular you know.”

When asked what Sir Prince Philip had done for Australia in the last year Mr Abbott replied: “Well he did not visit the country which saved the tax payer a lot of money. As well his life inspired the show The Crown which has entertained a lot of people. Show me a better credentialed candidate for Australian of the year, I challenge you.”

The head of the Australian of the year selection committee wasn’t as confident as Mr Abbott in Sir Prince Philip’s chances, saying: “Prince Philip did not make the shortlist I’m afraid as he only received one nomination and is in fact ineligible what with him being British and all.”

When told of the news Mr Abbott pledged that he would create his own Australia day awards system. Tipping Sir Prince Philip, Donald Trump and Eric Abetz to receive top honours.

Mark Williamson

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