Vanilla Vegemite To Be Launched To Celebrate Australia Day

Following the success of Vegemite 2.0 and Vegemite chocolate it has been announced that vanilla Vegemite will be launched this week to commemorate Australia day. With jars to invade the shelves on Friday January 26th.

“We always have our ear to the ground about what our customers want and this year it was pretty loud and clear that vanilla Vegemite is the go,” said Vegemite’s marketing ambassador Jerry Jar. “Launching on Australia day is also a great opportunity as we feel that vanilla Vegemite really encompasses the vibe of the day.”

“To celebrate the launch we encourage everyone to post their best pics to Instagram of themselves covering their faces in Vegemite, white face if you will.”

As part of the launch several vanilla Vegemite ambassadors have been appointed one of whom is former Prime Minister Tony Abbott who said of the new product: “I am thrilled to see vanilla Vegemite hitting the shelves. A lot of Australians like myself find the sight of traditional Vegemite on the shelves confronting.”

“You could say that January 26th 2018 will be one of the greatest day’s this Nation has had and I look forward to spreading vanilla Vegemite on my white bread.”

Mark Williamson

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