Train Strike Changes Name To Strikey McStrikeface

The strike by the Rail, Tram and Bus Union is back on after union officials agreed to change the name of the strike to Strikey McStrikeface, meeting the approval of the NSW Transport Minister.

“I’m a big fan of industrial action just so long as they give it a cute name that the kiddies love,” said besieged minister Andrew Constance. “I’m thinking of changing my own name to Reddy McRedface after the bastard of a week I’ve been having.”

“Some kids have grown up not knowing what a strike is so Strikey McStrikeface is an excellent way of introducing them to the concept,” said ACTU Secretary Sally McManus. “Hopefully we’ll soon be rolling out Wagey McWagerise, because that’s another concept that kiddies have grown up knowing nothing about.”

In other transport news the NSW government has announced a $1 levy on petrol sales to compensate hansom cab operators for the introduction of the horseless carriage.

“This is only fair to the hansom cab operators who’ve invested thousands of guineas in bags of oats and blacksmithing anvils only to have a disruptive new technology enter their industry,” said Constance. “The cost of a stirrup manufacturing licence has plummeted in the past few years and sales of top hats have dwindled down to nothing.”

Peter Green

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  1. “You forgot to mention One Nation,” said party founder Shouty McShoutyface.

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