Cabinet That Held Cabinet Files To Replace Tomic In I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Channel 10 has announced that they have signed the filing cabinet that held the cabinet files and will immediately fly it into the jungles of Africa to replace Bernard Tomic on their show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

“This cabinet couldn’t have come along at a better time as with Bernard Tomic leaving the show early we were scrambling for a replacement,” said Channel 10 Producer Peter D’Grade.

“Celebrities in Australia are hard to find, most of the good one’s go off to Hollywood or are too busy playing sport.”

“This cabinet though, what a ripper. It’s already trending on twitter and Instagram and as we’ve learned after awhile it will give up it’s secrets.”

TV critic Julie Opinionated said the move to sign the cabinet was a stroke of genius explaining: “Talent like the filing cabinet doesn’t come along often in fact it reminds me of a young Jason Donavon, great presence and a steely stare. This cabinet will go far.”

“I hear after I’m a Celebrity it could take to the stage as a replacement for Craig McLauchlan in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

The cabinet will be flown into the jungle later this week.

Mark Williamson

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