Western Sydney Wanderers Players To Be Locked-Out For Offensive Display


The Western Sydney Wanderers’ playing squad will be locked-out of this weekend’s clash against Perth Glory after the A-League club’s fed-up management took strong action over their offensive display in Sunday’s derby against Sydney FC.

The strong action came after the Wanderers gave up an early 1-0 lead to lose 3-1 in another humiliating defeat to their cross-town rivals. In the second half, the Wanderers players conceded twice in behaviour Wanderers CEO John Tsatsimas condemned as “offensive and unacceptable”.

“We must stamp out this type of anti-social behaviour. There were children in the stadium watching that second half!”

Some believe the club took strong action to avoid a crackdown from the game’s governing Football Federation Australia. The FFA had previously punished the Wanderers for “bringing the game into disrepute”, causing many observers to laugh so hard they were unable to breathe at the thought of such allegations coming from an FFA management that has overseen a drop-offs in crowds and TV ratings so catastrophic that fans are praying for FIFA to take over.

Tsatsmias, however, denied FFA pressure was behind the move. “We’ve told the players they were on their last warning over their on-field actions and the derby was the final straw. Let’s face it, the only thing vaguely entertaining in red and black on Sunday was some of the, ah, colourful banners and couple of flares from the active support.

“I mean, obviously such behaviour is completely and entirely wrong, as I am contractually obligated to state, but those ‘FCK FFA’ T-shirts were pretty cool, I’ve asked the wife to order a large one for my birthday.”

The players have come out swinging in response, with Wanderers captain Mark Bridge suggesting Wanderers players have been hypocritically singled out: “The club management just want to lick the boots of these FFA big wigs. Why is it Wanderers players being targetted?

“Yeah, we’ve been rubbish at times this year, but for God’s sake we aren’t Wellington Phoenix.”

Carlo Sands

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