Katter Condemns Fraser Anning For Not Mentioning Crocodiles In His Maiden Speech


Bob Katter has lashed out at his Senator Fraser Anning over his maiden speech to Parliament after the new Senator failed to mention crocodiles at any stage during his speech.

“People are angry at Fraser and rightfully so,” said Mr Katter. “I mean it’s all well and good to get up and tell a yarn in Parliament. But to not mention crocodiles, when every three months someone in Northern Queensland is being torn apart by one is criminal.”

“I’ll be taking old mate Fraser out to the woodshed later on to teach him a lesson.”

When asked whether he condemned Senator Anning over any other part of his maiden speech Mr Katter replied: “Oh look he did go a bit hard on the Muslims and his language was a bit clunky. But the main thing we need to take out of this is the lack of people talking about crocodiles.”

“Maybe we could start deporting crocodiles. Oh Bobby boy what an idea, where’s Dutton?”

Mark Williamson 


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