“We Thought We Were Voting For Mick Fanning” Say The 19 Stoners Who Accidentally Voted For Fraser Anning


All of the 19 voters who voted for Fraser Anning at the last election have admitted that they were high as a kite on top shelf choof when they put a number one in the box next to his name and may have mistaken him for surfing champion Mick Fanning.

“Woah, you mean he’s not the dude who punched the shark,” said stunned  Queensland voter Billy Bongwater. “I thought I was voting for Senator Shark Puncher and he was going to go to Canberra and start laying into sharks left right and centre. Bummer.”

Katter Australia Party leader Bob Katter is seriously considering recruiting Mick Fanning to join the party at the next election.

“With Mick dusting up the shark’s and me giving the crocodile’s a bit of Larry Dooley between us we could keep all of Australia’s dangerous wildlife under control,” said a thoughtful Mr Katter. “Maybe we could draft Jeff Fenech in to keep the box jellyfish in line.”

Meanwhile Fraser Anning has used his maiden speech to question the loyalty that immigrants show to the values of their new country.

“I waited a full hour before switching my allegiance from One Nation to the Katter Australia Party and I expect the same level of loyalty from every new immigrant to this country,” said Mr Anning.

Peter Green

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