Eastern Suburbs Mum Identifies Niche In Market For Grossly Overpriced Homemade Muesli


An enterprising Woollahra mumpreneur has proudly exploited a vacant slot in the market to produce her own signature grossly overpriced homemade muesli.

“My extensive actionable analytics of local artisanal bakeries, gourmet organic food emporiums and prissy hole in the wall cafes established a gap in the market for a blandly generic muesli that retails for between $21-$25 per 350 grams,” said breakfast food dabbler Imogen Harper-Collins. “I was up all night designing the product, 5% of that time devoted to putting together the right mix of nuts and seeds and whatnot, and 95% of the time devoted to creating an appropriately grungy looking brown paper bag with amateurish graphics to house it in.”

Harper-Collins’s product Namoi Valley Organic Granola is a made from a carefully guarded recipe of rolled oats, chia seeds, dessicated loganberries, green almonds, sawdust and pencil sharpenings.

“God knows if the Namoi River even has a valley but I liked the sound of the name,” said Ms Harper-Collins. “I was looking for a new project to work on after being the last of my group of friends to publish a book on how to raise toddlers, which I’d written during the quiet time when the au pair was doing the daycare run. Luckily I know 47 people who work in publishing.”

She is currently designing an ill fitting and impossible to open plastic package for her next product, Wingecarribee Valley Fruit and Nut Free Scroggin.

Peter Green

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  1. Where can I buy this please? Do I have to go to Woollahra?


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