Wanker Pronounces ‘Laos’ Correctly Like He Expects A Frigging Medal


A local wanker has dropped the correct pronunciation of the name of the country of “Laos” into conversation like he expects to be awarded some kind of a frigging medal for it, report other participants in the interaction.

“Apparently when I was saying how I’d like to travel to Laos to do that thing where you ride an inflatable tire down the river, I pronounced it so that it rhymed with ‘louse’ like some kind of dickhead,” said Kirrawee carpenter Shane Docking.

“A couple of minutes later when Trent was telling us how he’d worked as a volunteer in Laos trying to save the Irrawaddy Dolphin, he pronounced it like it rhymed with ‘how’ and then added an extra grunty vowel sound.”

“I’d always thought it rhymed with ‘chaos’ until old mate Trent chimed in and then stuck his chest out like we were supposed to pin a purple frigging heart on him or something,” said Sylvania Waters electrician Josh Stapleton. “As far as I know the military doesn’t hand out brass for getting the diphthong right in speaking the name of a foreign country, so the prick can keep on dreaming.”

The Laos incident follows on from a barbecue in 2015 where unemployed Woolooware world traveller Trent Mullane expected some kind of freaking knighthood for pronouncing Mexico as Me-heeco.

Peter Green

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