NSW Government Will Open Sydney Harbour Bridge To Problem Gamblers


To celebrate this months Everest horse race the NSW Government has announced that they will be opening up the Sydney Harbour Bridge to proven problem gamblers should they feel the need to jump.

“What an exciting time for NSW with the Everest almost upon us,” said a Spokesperson for Tourism NSW. “A good horse race does so much for the State so we thought what better way to help out those who aren’t able to ‘gamble responsibly’ by letting them jump off the bridge.”

“We are even in talks with the organisers of the race to let a select few gamblers ride off the bridge with a horse or greyhound that is no longer able to be raced.”

When asked why opening up the bridge for people to jump off of was preferable to say increased funding and support for addicts the Spokesperson said: “Look, this is a last resort that we are only offering to people who are absolutely financially skint.”

“For those who are still able work or take out a personal loan we will do everything in our power to keep them alive and gambling.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to see Alan Jones to make sure he’s Ok with our plans.”

Mark Williamson

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