Racing Industry Pledges To Switch From Electric To Renewable Jiggers


The Australian horse racing industry has pledged to switch from electric to renewable jiggers in the next year in an effort to make the sport more environmentally friendly.

“Look we have heard the feedback that the public is not happy with us using electric jiggers on our horses,” said an Industry Spokesperson. “So with that in mind we will look to using renewable jiggers maybe solar or even wind.”

“Though we will have to seek out Alan Jones’ permission first with regards to wind as he is an expert in large gusts of hot air.”

When pressed on why the practice of using a jigger at all on a horse still existed the Spokesperson said: “Ah come on the horses love it. I mean not since Mr Ed have any of them complained about it.”

“Besides it could be worse for the horses, we could treat them like greyhounds. They don’t get jigged, just shot.”

Mark Williamson

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