BREAKING: Sky News Uncovers Secret Recording Of NZ PM Jacinda Ardern Stepping On A Crack


In breaking news barely watched news service Sky News Australia has revealed they now have exclusive footage of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stepping on a crack in a move which they say puts her Mother at risk of breaking her back.

“I am astounded that a leader, a female leader no less, would do something as reckless as stepping on a crack,” said Sky News Presenter Andrew Bolt. “Has she no concern for her Mother’s back. Where is all the outrage from the leftists?”

“If this was Alan Jones they’d be baying for his blood.”

When asked why the network is getting so upset over a superstition like stepping on a crack and breaking your Mother’s back, Bolt said: “Because it is tradition and you don’t mess with traditions like stepping on cracks or Alan Jones attacking a prominent female leader.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to do a bit of sleuthing, I hear that a man with a dog in Sunshine might have some crucial evidence that will help get George Pell off.”

Mark Williamson

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