Aus Open To Change Scoring System To Appease Margaret Court Replacing Love With Hate


The Australian Open tennis tournament has announced that next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Margaret Court’s historic Grand Slam they will amend the scoring system used in matches by replacing love with hate.

“We have to acknowledge Margaret’s amazing grand slam achievement and her career as a whole,” said a Tennis Australia Spokesperson. “However what with her anti-marriage equality views we did have to make some concessions with her so that she would attend.”

“The big one being taking the term love out of the scoring system as Margaret found it unsettling that potentially two female players or even two male players may be locked in at love all”

When asked what other concessions would be made for Mrs Court the Spokesperson said: “Not many other than removing all love from the Open……and rainbows. Margaret has asked that all games be played indoors so that rain doesn’t interrupt the matches and potentially create a rainbow on the court.”

“Besides that it’s all good….well she has asked us to allow Israel Folau to present the Men’s championship and deliver a sermon and she also asked that the only doubles we allow to be played be mixed.”

“That aside it will be all good, Margaret has been very accompanying.”

Mark Williamson

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  1. Love it, but I do believe the last word “That aside it will be all good, Margaret has been very accompanying.” should probably read “accommodating”..


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