Abbott Asks Wife To Bake Him A Cake Big Enough To Hide A Hacksaw


Former Minister for Women Tony Abbott has told friends of how he asked his wife Margie to bake him a cake big enough to conceal a hacksaw so that he could surprise his dear friend and confidant George Pell with it.

“Tony is very concerned for the welfare of his friend convicted pedophile George Pell in prison and felt that a cake would help to lift his spirits and a hacksaw inside would help him to adjust to his new surroundings,” said a friend of Mr Abbott. “Tony would’ve baked the cake himself however he feels baking is something best left to the women folk.”

When reached for comment on why he would be trying to send a jailed convicted pedophile a cake with a hacksaw in it Mr Abbott replied: “It is always tough when you move to a new location. I know, as I suffered deeply when I had to move out of parliament.”

“So I thought a nice cake would cheer Cardinal Pell up and the hacksaw inside would help him to renovate and spruce up his new home.”

Mr Abbott was not the only one worried about convicted pedophile George Pell. Sky News’ Andrew Bolt has called for Pell to be medically evacuated to Christmas Island whilst his colleague Miranda Devine is in the process of organising a candlelight vigil for the convicted pedophile.

Mark Williamson

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