Abbott Hopes That George Pell Will One Day Be Free To Touch Others

Abbott Poster

Former Minister for Women Tony Abbott has spoken of his wish that incarcerated Cardinal George Pell will soon be free to enter the world and touch others as he has done so in the past.

“I don’t wish to say too much as the Cardinal is still before the courts however I do hope that he is soon out wandering the streets,” said Mr Abbott. “I’ve said in the past that if you spent more time with Cardinal Pell, your life would be more interesting and I stand by it.”

“The Cardinal has touched a lot of people in his time and I’m sure should he be free he will go on to touch many more.”

When asked whether it is appropriate for a former Prime Minister to visit a convicted pedophile Mr Abbott said: “I’ll leave it for the courts to decide Cardinal Pell’s guilt. I am simply visiting a mate to deliver some smokes”

“I will admit I did find it funny that the Cardinal asked me to deliver him a couple of cartons of smokes, I joked are you trying to elect a new pope. He didn’t laugh so much as threaten me with a shiv.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to have lunch with my dear friend George Christensen.”

Mark Williamson

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