Minister For Manila Defends His 4 Year Bucks Party

George Christensen

The Morrison Government’s Minister for Manilla George Christensen has lashed out at media for questioning his visits to seedy Philipino bars with the defense that all men are entitled to a bucks party before they are married.

“The media and the federal police in this country are very quick to go on the attack,” said the Minister for Manilla. “Why didn’t they just call me and ask me why I spent so long and so much money in the bars of Manilla.”

“I was just on my bucks party, sure none of my mates showed up and admittedly 3 of those years I wasn’t actually engaged but you know I’m married now so what’s all the fuss?”

When asked why he decided to hold a 4 year bucks party in Manilla and not say his own electorate, Mr Christensen said: “You know the saying what happens on tour stays on tour and as long as the federal police keep their reports confidential then we’ll be all good.”

“Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to the travel agent to book a special Valentine’s day get away for the Wife and I.”

“I’m told Bangkok is lovely at that time of year especially for those who are fans of ping pong, if you know what I mean.”

Mark Williamson

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