Channel 7’s Sunrise Launches #NotAllKarens Campaign


In an attempt to stem the unjust and sweeping anti-white racist rhetoric of ‘Ok Karen,’ the racially and economically diverse panel on Channel 7’s Sunrise show have launched the “#NotAllKarens” campaign this week.

“The campaign is to tackle the slew of racism and prejudice leveled at affluent white women,” stated Prue MacSween who was made available for comment sporting a “Coon Cheese” branded t-shirt. “There is no doubt that we are the most marginalised group on social media.”

On behalf of the panel, Samantha Armytage reached out to Facebook and Twitter, requesting they help moderate the ‘Karen’ slurs.

When Mark Zuckerberg and his Twitter counterpart, Jack Dorsey refused Armytage demanded to speak to their managers.

GK Kidd


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