Malcolm Roberts Demands That the Government Funds Sovereign Citizens’ Backyard Bunkers


One Nations’ leading scientific mind (sic) Malcolm Roberts has called upon the Morrison Government to make funding available to those sovereign citizens who wish to build a backyard bunker as part of their doomsday preparations.

”For too long my fellow sovereign citizens have been neglected by this Government,” said a fired up Senator Roberts. ”Is it too much to ask for us all to be provided enough money to build an aluminium lined bunker in our backyard that is capable of blocking out the mind controlling 5G rays that Bill Gates is trying to inflict upon us?”

”I am fortunate to have been able to build my own bunker in my backyard. Being a man of small stature it did not take much effort I simply expanded my storm water drains a bit and lined them with foil.”

When asked why sovereign citizens should be getting anything from the Government given they refuse to don masks or talk to police when questioned in Victoria, Senator Roberts said: ”I need to see some empirical evidence of this behaviour occurring.”

”My experience with sovereign citizens has been an entirely positive one. I often meet them on the dark web and we exchange YouTube links, conspiracy theories and blog posts about shops that do a good deal on aluminum foil or tin foil as the Americans call it.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to join a zoom conversation about how the TV show ALF was responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall and rise of Bill Gates, fascinating stuff.”

Mark Williamson


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