Barnaby Calls For Vic Premier To Allow Exemptions To Lock Down For Those Wishing To Bonk

BarnabyFormer deputy Prime Minister and aspiring Minister for Affairs Barnaby Joyce has called on the Victorian Premier Dan Andrews to ease restrictions in the State to allow people from interstate to visit those they wish to bonk.

“I understand that things are tough in Victoria right now, but come on we need to not go over the top, we need to let the people bonk.” said the Member for New England. “Some people, for instance, have been stuck at home with their Mistress and kids for the past couple of months and need to get out there and sow some oats.”

“So, Dan or Dictator Dan as my friends at New Corp call you, let the people bonk.”

When asked why the Member for New England was so concerned with what was going on in Victoria with regards to bonking, Barnaby Joyce said: “When it comes to matters of an intimate nature, I want to assure the people of Australia that I will always be on the job for them.”

“Whether they are in my seat of New England, Melbourne, Darwin or even the back seat of my car, I will be there for them.”

“Now, If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see a lady about a boner, er a dog about a bone.”

Mark Williamson


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  1. What a pack of complete morons Barnaby the minister for Bonking potato head Dutton the nastiest arsehole ever to get into parliament Scomo as the leader of Australia What a joke you will shake hands with me then we have Frydenberg who got a little ahead of himself with his announcement on his surplus then Pauline HA HA HA


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