Shire Dad Annoyed That “The Oils” Have Gone All Political

Midnight Oil

A Shire dad is totally dismayed that his favourite band from the 1980s Midnight Oil have gone all woke with their new release “Gadigal Land”.

“Mate what happened to the Oils, they used to do really cool rockers like “US Forces”, “Power And The Passion” and “Beds Are Burning” and suddenly they’ve gone all PC on us,” said Kirrawee plasterer Jason Kingsway. “It’s sad that the band who produced headbanging classics like “Blue Sky Mine” and “Short Memory” feel they have be oh so politically aware to appeal to the kids.”

Mr Kingsway is considering burning the Oils t-shirt with the bar code on it that he bought at a gig at the Cronulla Workers Club in 1983 as a protest.

“They just played three in a row on Triple M; “Read About It”, “Armistace Day” and “Dead Heart”. Those were the days,” lamented the 56 year old father of three. “And to think I was just about to pull out all my old vinyl and play it for my daughter. I’m going to have to get her into Redgum instead. No fear of them ever getting political.”

Peter Green


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  1. You’d have to agree the oils do more good than bad and belt out good tunes.I love em and met Garrett on a beach. Just think we all need to back each other a bit more. Me included but I love free speech and challenges and all that cool. Go the oils. Way to unpoliticise critical issues through song.


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