Perrotet Tells Unions Keep It Up And HE’ll Bring The Transport Minister Back From Holidays

The Premier of NSW (for now) Dominic Perrotet has warned the Rail Union to ease up on industrial action or he will be forced to bring back the Transport Minister from his European holiday.

”To the Unions I say this, don’t force me to do something you’ll regret,” said the Premier. ”David Elliot is having a lovely little jaunt around Europe.”

”He’ll be very annoyed if I make him come back and do some work.”

When asked why the Premier would let his Transport Minister swan around Europe whilst the State’s transport network is effectively shut down, Mr Perrotet said: ”Sure, in the grand scheme of things he did pull a bit of a ScoMo.”

”But, what can I do?”

”It’s not like I have the numbers to control what my cabinet does.”

”Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and wash David Elliot’s car, better do it before the rain arrives.”

Mark Williamson

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