Victoria Votes: The (un)Australian Endorses The Sex Party

Fiona Patten


Victoria is crying out for a government that listens, a government that communicates and responds to its stakeholders. The (un)Australian believes only Fiona Patten’s Australian Sex Party is in a position to provide the people of Victoria with this kind of government.

The incumbent Liberal government has allowed it’s leadership to determined by the behaviour of an erratic and corrupt backbench MP. In 2010 the Victorian people tentatively chose Ted Bailieu for it’s premier yet in 2013 they had their decision overridden by Geoff Shaw. The Sex Party is unified under the leadership of Patten and can provide the stability of leadership that Victorians deserve.

Labor under the leadership of Daniel Andrews has not submitted a single policy for costing to the Victorian Parliamentary Budget office. By contrast The Sex Party has submitted numerous policies in keeping with its commitment to open and transparent government.

The (un) Australian strenuously denies that the endorsement is in any way connected to the fact that Fiona Patten is the only Victorian politician to have followed The (un)Australian on twitter.


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