Senator Lambie Doesn’t Rule Out Streaking For The Defence Force


Newly independent Senator Jacqui Lambie has today told The (un) Australian that she was not prepared to rule out streaking at the Boxing Day cricket test match, if it would help defence force personnel receive a pay increase.

Senator Lambie is currently taking on the Abbott Government over their decision to offer defence personnel a pay increase that is lower than the rate of inflation and has promised to vote against every policy the Abbott Government puts before the Senate until the pay rate is increased.

“Look if I have to whip out my map of Tassie and two bouncers at the cricket, I’ll do it!” Said Lambie, “You know I’m doing this for the defence forces, some of those guys are being sexually assaulted by their fellow colleagues, for Australia.”

Prime Minister Abbott was unavailable for comment over the threat however a spokesperson for the Melbourne Cricket Ground was quick to admonish Senator Lambie.

“What is it with these Tasmanians? David Boon drank himself into a stupor, Ricky Ponting got into a fight with a drag queen and now a senator wants to streak at the cricket! Forget the Government excising Christmas Island we should just ban Tasmania.”

Mark Williamson

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