State Of The Union: US Citizens Respond Well to Obama’s Controversial Pro-USA Stance.


In the United States of America, politics rarely gets people talking. Whether it’s the malaise of cynical citizens who have long since lost trust in their representatives, the bickering of partisans driving politics to a stand-still, or a rabid lemur ripping out someone’s tongue, experts agree, there’s been less talk about politics lately.

That was until last night, when President Barack Obama took a chance in his State of the Union address that has left both voters and talking heads eagerly chatting about the event at the chamber of the House of Representatives.

While many experts predicted that the President would announce that things ‘were pretty ok’ and that the US is ‘a half-way decent country’, Mr Obama through out the book and spoke from the heart;

“America, for all that we’ve endured; for all the grit and hard work required to come back; for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this: the shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong.”

Early polling has indicated that US citizens responded well to the declaration the strength of the State of the Union, but as Mr Obama continued with his controversial approach, paradoxically, his words were greeted with more approval.

The President outlined that the country was a world leader and that he was committed to making a great nation an even better one. He highlighted America’s superiority to other countries and in perhaps his riskiest move, highlighted that other countries would rely on American breakthroughs.

“21st century businesses will rely on American science, technology, research and development. I want the country that eliminated polio and mapped the human genome to lead a new era of medicine — one that delivers the right treatment at the right time.”

The gamble paid of for the President, who has bounced back strongly from record low approval ratings.

“I think he took a chance and that’s what I respect” said Graham Long, a 35 year old primary school teacher from Little Rock, Arkansas.

“In politics, people tend to make their positions vague and hard to define, fearing voter backlash. What we want, however, is a President who is not afraid to stand up in front of the American people and say ‘America is fucking awesome’ no matter what backlash he may receive.”

James Hellbrook from Austin, Texas found the President’s speech informative and persuasive.

“I’ve always thought that America was fine but it was no Norway. However, after hearing the President’s State of the Union, I’m now convinced that America is totally as good, if not better, than any part of the Scandinavian Peninsula.”

President Obama’s new strategy is already making waves among the Democratic Party. High-ranking members of the party are already trying to capitalise on the the President’s “Pro-America” stance for when they run again in 2016. Hilary Clinton, the perceived front runner for the nomination has already been spotted wearing a pin sporting the American flag.

Matthew Farthing is the American Correspondent for The (un)Australian. He is perhaps best known for being the silent half of the magic due ‘Penn & Farthing’. Follow him on Twitter. 


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