Abbott Survives, But Falls Further in Galaxy, Morgan and Rupert Murdoch Polls.

Tony and Rupert in happier times.

Tony and Rupert in happier times.

Despite surviving a spill vote this morning, Tony Abbott has fallen to record lows as preferred Prime Minister in the Galaxy, Morgan and all-important Rupert Murdoch polls.

“Tony has fallen 100% in the poll of Rupert Murdochs as the preferred leader of the country,” said Bob Stokoe, compiler of the Rupert Murdoch poll. “After reaching a high of 100% in late 2013 he has fallen a dramatic 100% to a figure of 0%, give or take the 2% margin of error.”

Abbott’s plunge in the poll of Rupert Murdoch’s closely mirrors that of the previous leader of the country Kevin Rudd, who also polled 0% with Rupert Murdoch’s just prior to being given the shaft from The Lodge.

“I guess Rupert Murdochs are in general disappointed with the job that Tony is doing regarding the economy,” said political analyst Jim Montgomery. “Then again, maybe the Rupert Murdochs have just come to the conclusion that the guy is a bit of a dork.”

The recent polls are not so encouraging for Labor leader Bill Shorten, who also polled 0% in the Rupert Murdochs.

“I guess Tony Abbott’s statement comparing the shenanigans of the last Labor government to the TV show Game of Thrones has gained some traction with the Rupert Murdochs”, said Shorten. “Though I can’t see any comparison myself between the current Labor party and a mythical political organisation led by devious, backstabbing dwarf.”

 Peter Green

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