Glenn Mcgrath Detained Under New Terror Laws Over Alleged Links To ISIS


Former international cricketer Glenn McGrath was arrested yesterday after the introduction of a raft of new stringent anti-terrorism measures announced by Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Last week, photographs emerged of Mr McGrath posing with firearms, an action which, according to former Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty, is consistent with the behaviour of a new ISIS recruit.  When further investigations revealed Mr McGrath had travelled to Pakistan more than 30 times, he was promptly taken in for questioning.

Pursuant to the Prime Minister’s assertion that “we need to re-examine the system and ask ourselves at what stage do we need to change the tipping point from protection of the individual to the safety”, and that too often preventable attacks have not been prevented as a result of an inclination to give potential threats the “benefit of the doubt”, Mr McGrath has been detained indefinitely.

When questioned about Mr McGrath’s claim that he was not a terrorist and that the photograph was taken during an elephant hunting expedition, Mr Abbott replied: “An elephant can be a metaphor for a great many things. An elephant can be a metaphor for a great many things.”

McGrath’s former colleague and shooting partner Brett Lee was also taken in for questioning, but released without prejudice after being identified as a former resident of Mosman.

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