Government To Recall Minister For Women Over Australia’s Appalling Domestic Violence Record

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‘We will have to have some frank discussions with this minister for women.’

The Tony Abbott-led government has today announced that it will be recalling Australia’s minister for women over the country’s disturbing record that has seen two women, on average killed per week this year through domestic violence.

The (un)Australian spoke to the PM about the unusual decision to recall the minister for women, with Mr Abbott saying: “Every life is sacred and it is not acceptable for a country like Australia to have anyone die from domestic violence let alone on average two women a week. Quite frankly we will have some frank discussions with this minister for women.”

When The (un)Australian pointed out that Mr Abbott was in fact the minister for women, he replied: “Well you know I have done a lot for women, I mean with my wife Margie we created three of them. As well when my government removed the carbon tax that helped a lot of Australian women and their ironing, that probably saved a life or two.”

It is expected that the minister for women will be recalled for a week or so before being replaced some time before the next election with a better more electable model.

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