Alan Jones Miffed By Greens Leadership Snub


Former Wallabies coach, Andre Rieu accompanist, radio broadcaster and newly minted anti-coal seam gas opponent, Alan Jones has told colleagues that he is quite miffed and annoyed that he was not tapped on the shoulder to take over the leadership of the Australian Greens, following the resignation of their leader Christine Milne.

Jones, who many see as a dyed in the wool Liberal supporter, recently sided with the Greens over the issue of coal seam gas mining prior to the Queensland election a move which many took to indicate a changing of his political allegiances.

A source close to Mr Jones told The (un)Australian of his thoughts regarding the Greens saying: “Alan has always hoped to enter politics. He tried to run for the Liberal Party but was unsuccessful, he talked recently of challenging Milne for the leadership of the Greens, as he thought she would an easy target to chuck in the old chaff bag and ditch at sea.

“So you could imagine how upset he is that when Milne jumped ship on her own accord, he wasn’t tapped on the shoulder to take over. I mean why wouldn’t they want Alan, sure he doesn’t believe in climate change and is mostly pro-mining but he was in the musical Annie, that’s got to count for something, right?”

None of the Greens could be reached today, as they have been busy hunkering down to decide upon a new leader, Senator Richard Di Natale . The exception was Lee Rhiannon who instead of voting took to twitter to bemoan the fact that rank and file members could not vote.

Mark Williamson

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