Economic Downturn Causes Rise In Beach Homelessness


The latest economic data has highlighted that middle Australia is doing it tougher than ever before. New figures have shown that in the wake of tanking commodity prices, thousands of Australians are in danger of having to sell their beach homes.

Beach homelessness can cause great distress for families and in some cases even result in family breakdown, according to real estate industry lobbyist Terri Burns.

“What we find is that the amount of pressure on families who are experiencing beach homelessness causes intense emotional distress,” said Burns.

“Particularly at holiday time when tough decisions have to be made. Like whether to rent a property at their favourite holiday spot or, worse yet, a caravan.

“The embarrassment level is so high that many marriages break down and one of the partners takes off on some kind of Eat Pray Love sabbatical … and nobody wants to see that.”

Economists have warned that any changes to negative gearing or stamp duty in the upcoming federal budget could exacerbate the beach homelessness crisis.

In an unprecedented move, a group of over 100 prominent business and community leaders have penned an open letter to the federal government. They are asking them to slash spending in discretionary areas like women’s refuges, disability support services and homeless shelters so that middle Australia can maintain the dignity of holding on to their beach homes.

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