Editorial: Bolt’s Right, Taxpayers Should Not Fund SBS’s The Backburner, They Should Fund Us


Renown satirist Andrew Bolt has strongly criticised SBS for wasting taxpayers’ money on its satirical page, The Backburner, paying for what he called “utterly unfunny ‘satire’ relentless attacking Liberals, conservatives, Tony Abbott, climate sceptics and any other deviants from Left-wing dogma”.

Here at The (un)Australian, we could not agree more.

For a start, there is surely no one better placed to judge the quality of satire than Andrew Bolt — widely lauded for creating and playing this nation’s most-loved comic character with his pitch-perfect impersonation of a lunatic, far-right, racist climate denier using his embedded position in major media outlets to demonise and slander anyone who doesn’t share his narrow, backward and bigoted views.

It is so devilishly clever that many people — famously most commentators on his blog — don’t actually get the joke.

More than that, why pay anyone to write jokes about this government? If SBS readers want conservative jokes, they only need click on the “national news” section of the website and watch the latest Tony Abbott press conference. Mocking this government is less actual work, more coyping-and-pasting from the actual statements of Coalition front-benchers.

But most of all, in the view of this site, the truckloads of cold, hard cash SBS dump every day at The Backburner‘s doors would be far better spent paying those of us at The (un)Australian for our attempts at satire.

We firmly believe we would pass even the most stringent “bias” test for our material.

Sure, we will not deny, nor apologise, for our hard-hitting pieces that speak truth to power, such as those jokes we made about Tony Abbott’s onion-eating ways. And sure, Bolt appears to have mysteriously just missed all of The Backburner‘s pieces about Labor politicians.

But our record in aiming our satirical barbs in all political directions — from our famed expose of the Greens’ plot to ban election day sausage sizzles to our fearless cracks at the Shooters and Fishers Party for being crazy and armed despite the fact they are crazy and armed — is second to none.

So we urge SBS executives to do what is right. All those luxury cars, high-limit credit cards and “writing getaways” to Caribbean islands now enjoyed by The Backburner — riches the likes of Bolt as a lowly journalist for a poor, two-bit outfit like News Corp could barely imagine — should be immediately transferred to us. Our accountants will be in touch.

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