Kevin Andrews Horrified To Learn Yesterday Wasn’t The Christine Milne Roast


Federal Minister for Defence and hair dye advocate Kevin Andrews was horrified to learn that yesterday wasn’t the day of the Christine Milne roast. Milne had announced she was stepping down as Greens leaders, to which Andrews tweeted: “Does it really matter who will lead the freedom hating @Greens? Their anti-family & community destroying policies remain #greenspill #auspol.”

A spokesperson for Andrews told The (un)Australian of the minister’s confusion, saying: “When Kevin first heard of Senator’s Milne’s resignation, he assumed that a light-hearted roast would be the most appropriate way to pay tribute to the Senator’s career, hence the tweet.

“However, when he saw what others were saying about Milne, notably the Treasurer Joe Hockey’s words of praise, he was mortified to learn that others weren’t in on his joke. I mean, really, you don’t believe that a government minister in such an important portfolio would use twitter to make nasty potshots at rival parties?”

Senator Milne could not be reached for comment as she had returned to Tasmania and, as she is with Vodafone, her reception is limited.

The Christine Milne Roast will be held later this week as part of the Senate estimates committee. Andrews will play the part of roast master general.

Mark Williamson

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