Peter Costello Declares: ‘I Could Have Been Queen Of England!’


‘I coulda been the Queen.’ 

Former treasurer and serial smirker Peter Costello has told The (un)Australian in a soon to be published interview piece, that, had circumstances been different, he would have been declared the Queen of England. He also spent a lot of time talking about John Howard’s failings and how none of them had anything to do with him.

The former treasurer and inspiration behind the smash hit movie <i>Bridesmaids</i> said: “In an ideal world, if things had of been different, I would have been born to the King instead of Queen Elizabeth and, assuming I was born a female, I would have been Queen, I mean it’s quite simple logic, even Wayne ‘World’s Best Treasurer’ Swan would get that.”

Following the logic, we asked the treasurer his thought’s on never being Prime Minister, to which he replied: “Well you’re wrong there, there was a day when Howard was overseas and Tim Fischer was on the toilet and for that 15 minutes I was Prime Minister and I think history will show it was the greatest 15 minutes in Australian history.”

The (un)Australian’s interview with Peter Costello will be printed in the coming months as soon as we launch our new fiction section.

Mark Williamson

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