Greens Blame Eurovision Failure On Turn Back The Boats Policy


New Greens leader Richard di Natale is facing scandal after Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon linked Australia’s failure to snare the Eurovision title to the governments controversial “turn back the boats” policy.

In a short interview on Sky News, Senator Rhiannon praised Guy Sebastian for his fifth place but questioned whether the governments “boorish” behaviour on the international stage may have dealt Sebastian out of contention.

“Eurovision has always had bloc voting and if you look at the history, you’ll see building positive relations with an eclectic range of nations is integral to Eurovision success.

“Now you have to ask yourself, when an aggressor nation like Russia outperforms Australia while we’re in the middle of playing hot potato with a vessel of desperate Rohingya refugees – could these things be connected?”

The Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton has laughed off the claims by Senator Rhiannon and paid tribute to Sebastian for what he described as a “barnstorming performance.” The Minister added that he hoped Sebastian’s performance would lead to greater Australian integration with Europe, and greater separation from Asia and the Middle East.

Nathan Lentern

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