Christopher Pyne Calls For A National Maths Debate

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Federal education minister Christopher “The Fixer” Pyne has called on Australia to all come together for a national maths debate. The member for Sturt has threatened to pull funding to schools if they don’t master the debate around maths.

Pyne’s new mission is to get all year 12 students to study maths and science. The minister spoke to The (un)Australian about his sudden interest in maths debating, saying: “Thank you for talking to me today, I love to chat to the press, now it’s time for this country to all pull together. We need our students to know basic maths otherwise we’ll get a nation full of people like Joe Hockey.”

The (un)Australian spoke to Year 12 student Andrew Pascoe, who is currently completing his final year of schooling at Clarence River High school and he was unimpressed at the minister’s demands saying, “Get stuffed, I’m not studying maths, I’m busy enough, I mean I already study hospitality, visual arts, interpretive dance and theatre, what subject will I have to drop to study maths?”

The minister’s proposals are set to be tested in parliament later in the year, as soon as Senator Glenn Lazarus drops his restraining order that he took out on Pyne.


Mark Williamson

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