Voters In Warringah To Choose Between Two Dicks At Next Federal Election


Voters in the NSW north shore seat of Warringah will,  at the next election, have the tough decision of choosing between two dicks following entrepreneur Dick Smith’s decision to run as a candidate against Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Dick Smith’s decision to run took most people by surprise as last time he was heard from he was trying to sell replica Vegemite in supermarkets.

The (un)Australian took to the electorate of Warringah to gauge the voters thoughts on the two dicks, carpenter Marty of Manly said, “All politicians are dicks mate, I mean look at Abbott, always in his Speedos, Dick Smith will fit right in.”

Mavis of Mosman however was quite shocked when talk turned to Dick saying, “Why would anyone run against dear Tony he’s doing a terrific job. Dick Smith, is he the fellow that sells electronics?”

Mr Abbott’s office was unavailable for comment, Mr Smith on the other hand spoke at length, mostly about encouraging people to buy his replica Vegemite.The next federal election is due to be held in January 2017 or when the Prime Minister overtakes Bill Shorten in the polls,  whichever comes first.

Mark Williamson


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