Reclaim Australia Insists They’re Not Racists, Just Bigots

Reclaim Australia

‘The correct term is “bigots”.’

The Reclaim Australia group has issued a press release today denying they are a bunch of racists,  insisting they would prefer to be called the correct term of “bigots”.

The press release came in the form of a poorly filmed YouTube video featuring a 20-something white male talking in front of an Australian flag about Islam, sharia law and “Khe Sanh”.

A spokesperson for the group, Shirley White, told the The (un)Australian: “We’re not racist alright? What is it with you people, coming into my country and telling me what to do? Sharia law, Captain Cook would be spinning in his grave if he saw what this country has become, don’t like it leave, now would you like a biscuit and a cup of tea?”

At this point, the interview was terminated when The (Un)Australian asked if the biscuit was halal certified.

Reclaim Australia will be holding nationwide rallies on July 18 and asks those good ol’ Aussie Patriots with swastika tattoos planning to attend to please cover them when the cameras are on.

Mark Williamson

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