Kim Beazley Holds Celebration For 800 Year Anniversary of Magnum PI


‘Our country’s legal framework is based on Magnum PI.’

Australia’s Ambassador to America and former Opposition leader Kim ‘Bomber’ Beazley has held a celebration at his Washington residence in honour of the 800 year anniversary of the TV show Magnum PI, which starred Tom Selleck.

When contacted by The (un)Australian, Mr Beazley explained his decision to celebrate a TV show from the 1980s, saying, “I think all Australians owe a debt of thanks to Magnum PI, I mean after all, our country’s legal framework is based on Magnum and without the rule of law what would we have?”

At this point we queried whether Ambassador Beazley was celebrating Magnum PI or the Magna Carta, to which he replied, “Yes that one you know the Magna thing, I used to drive a Mitsubishi Magna back in the day, what do they call it now, a Mitsi?”

The Ambassador excused himself at this point as he had a luncheon appointment, with whom he was unsure he thought it was Rove McManus or maybe Karl Rove or it could even be with the Mars Rover.

A spokesperson for Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that Mr Beazley had the Government’s full support and in no way should her meeting with Mr Rudd in Washington be construed as anything more than a coincidence.

Mark Williamson

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